Harpers Bazaar

Harpers Bazaar

Disconnect to connect: hotels to escape this Easter without leaving the Valencian Community
That the perimeter closures do not prevent us from enjoying a few days of pause where the stress of the labor maelstrom is relegated to the background. Nothing like changing it for a little good weather, disconnection, rural tourism, delicious cuisine and the Mediterranean at our feet. You can not ask for more.
Authentic redoubts of peace and tranquility where the HOTEL -or tourist accommodation- is the journey. And if, in addition, this is accompanied by a decoration in which they have taken care of even the smallest detail, a service that treats the guest with flattery, they are located in captivating locations and the area presents a delicious product gastronomy … the hedonistic triumph is more guaranteed!

At Harper’s Bazaar we are aware that we must exercise the utmost prudence in these turbulent and delicate months, but also that it is right now when little moments full of pleasure are most needed to manage to cope with the situation in the best possible way – always with responsibility of course-.

For this reason, we invite you, traveler, to discover this selection of accommodations distributed both in the interior and on the coast of the Valencian Community where to book for this Semana Semana will become the best of the plans. Whether alone, with your partner, friends or family … there is nothing like a trip -even within the limits of each community- to purify body and mind.

Sleep in a bubble under the starry sky, in a little house in the middle of the countryside, in a room overlooking the Levantine coast, in a boutique accommodation in the middle of the city or in a hotel that teleports you to Southeast Asia. Booking at 3,2,1 …

Blanca Suárez’s de-escalation last summer after confinement came in the form of a getaway to a luxury villa located on the Levantine coast: The Adelante House.

“Inspired by the picturesque landscape of the area, it offers a luxurious and authentic stay with personalized service in an exceptionally private and exclusive space for guests. With a large and lush garden as a backdrop, The Adelante House offers 8 elegant and unique bedrooms , each with its own modern and contemporary bathroom “, they tell Harper’s Bazaar Spain from their own accommodation.

Jessica Bataille, based in Jávea, has been in charge of the design and interior design and an exquisite attention to detail is perceived from the first moment where local and natural materials have been used in a Mediterranean key.

Here you can breathe disconnection, coast, light and many – but many – desire for summer. Do we start savoring it ahead of time?

Where to find it ?: Calle Lluca, 4 (Jávea / Alicante).