Montesanco & The Adelante House

Montesanco & The Adelante House
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The memory of what was an unforgettable evening. Just a short 10-minute drive from The Adelante House, we come across the charming Montesanco Winery. Even before arriving, you will feel the connection to the land and the intoxicating aroma of tradition that awaits at Montesanco.

This winery, nestled in the historic Abiar Alta estate, once dedicated to raisin production, has rescued and restored the Riurau ensemble and ancestral elements used for grape drying, faithfully preserving the essence of its origins. An environment steeped in history and culture brings to life the new Montesanco Teulada project, merging respect for the tradition and culture of Marina Alta with the current wine tourism experience.

Montesanco transcends mere production of exceptional wines; it is a narrative woven with threads of sustainability, craftsmanship, and authenticity. Varieties such as Moscatel and Tempranillo, cultivated organically and biodynamically, not only give rise to exceptional wines but also preserve a legacy for future generations. The wine tasting was more than a delight; it was an intimate encounter with artisanal skill and harmony with nature. We extend a warm invitation to our guests to discover the magic of Montesanco during their next stay with us. An experience that blends values, authenticity, and the very essence of The Adelante House.